6 December 2019

Arrrgghh! A mist descended on our door this evening and gifted us with some amazing pirate tales from Touchbase

As a prequal to their fabulous pirates and punks themed Christmas party we were transported into a pirates’ tavern where we watched a captain and his merry crew discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Touchbase went all out for us this year with their huge pirate boat set, elaborate costumes and bags of enthusiasm that had us all joining in with their brilliant musical numbers!

Door number 6 was back at the Quarterhouse and we’re very grateful that they’ve hosted us twice in one calendar! It was great to be able to warm up in the foyer before venturing into the pirates’ tavern.

This evening donations were taken for Touchbase

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Big thank you to everyone who attended this evening, the wonderful performers who did an amazing job! The Quarterhouse and everyone who helped this evening become a reality, another pirate-tastic evening!


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