10 December 2019

A spooky story telling extravaganza was on the cards behind this evenings’ door. The howling wind and rain created the perfect setting for the exciting original short stories that were performed to us at The Chambers tonight. Write by the Sea, a Folkestone based writing group, did a great job of immersing us deep into historical Folkestone as we journeyed around the town through their story telling. We enjoyed tales of the war, paranormal encounters in some familiar spaces and some thought-provoking Christmas messages, this evening’s spooky twist really got everyone into the spirit of Christmas and was very reminiscent of three other famous Christmas ghosts…

We ended this evening with the wonderful Wildflowers choir singing us a selection of carols. It felt great to hear everyone sing along and find warmth and joy despite the cold, wet weather outside.

We were collecting this evening for Green Kordofan and more information about their organisation can be found below.

All of our photos are taken by the fantastic Jasmine Perry and can be found on the website and on our Facebook. We’re also on Instagram! You can also hashtag #FLAC or #FolkestoneLivingAdventCalendar so that we can see your posts.

Big thank you to The Chambers for hosting us this evening! What an extra special, intimate advent door. Thank you to all who attended tonight as well, it was wonderful to see so many of you despite the weather this evening. Thank you also to our brilliant performers, participants and everyone who helped make this evening a reality.

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