12 December 2019

Despite the foul weather, the audience started arriving just after 5 to make sure they had a seat for one of the favourite events of the season. It’s St Eanswythe’s School Nativity Play and what a treat it was! This year the actors were just 4 and 5 years old and some of them only started school this September. The Magical Christmas Tree gradually unfolded the story of Christmas with song and dance and storytelling. There were too many stars to name here but we loved the sometimes wild line up of angels, the dance moves of the 3 Kings, all the children with their Christmas gifts and every sheep, cow, shepherd, inn keeper and of course, Mary and Joseph. A special mention should be made about the beautifully dressed donkey – we hope she’s feeling better now.

Many thanks to the staff and pupils of St Eanswythe’s School for a real treat!

Tonight Raga Gibreel came to speak about Green Cordovan, the charity she set up in Folkestone to raise money for children who have been displaced by conflict in South Sudan. You can find out more about this in the link below.

The School also made a collection for their funds with half the money going to the Rainbow Centre.

Thanks as ever to Jasmine and Rebecca for photos and live feed and to our volunteer helpers.

Folkestone Living Advent Calendar

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