13 December 2019

Door number 13 was held at Bounce Vintage clothing store at the bottom of the old high street, and who did we have behind our door this evening? None other than CONFIDANCE inclusive dance company!

With such a large audience for this evenings’ performance Bounce was a tight squeeze! CONFIDANCE certainly rose to the challenge though and their entertaining and fashion themed performance won them 3 rounds of applause.

The music was so infectious this evening the residents of Tontine Street came out to join in and watch and people from the general public couldn’t help but stop and watch the performance through the side windows of Bounce. What a success!

After the performance Bounce very kindly supplied some delicious ginger wine and mince pies for those of us still a little chilly from the outside.
This evening we had some amazing volunteers collecting for Touchbase, more information about what Touchbase do can be found below.

Over half-way through the calendar and we are thrilled to have been able to bring to you some amazing performances so far. We’re just as excited to see what the next half of the calendar brings!

Do tag us in your photos, we’re on instagram or you can hashtag using #Flac or #FolkestoneLivingAdventCalendar. We love seeing pictures of you all feeling festive at the advent doors!

Thank you to Debbie Young and Andy for supplying the photographs.

Big thank you to Bounce this evening for being amazing hosts and thank you to everyone at CONFIDANCE, your performance certainly got everyone up and moving. Thanks as well to all who helped this evening become a reality, look forward to seeing you all at the next ten doors!

Folkestone Living Advent Calendar

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