15 December 2019

Door 15 was like something out of a fantasy novel, literally! Waiting outside the Customs House on the Harbour Arm we were all full of anticipation for the door to open; once it did we were all astounded at the scene that lay before us. The Secret Drawing Club had been busy creating a snowy scene straight out of Narnia, complete with lamp post and real-life snow queen. We were armed with charcoal, pens and paper to begin a wonderful, peaceful drawing session. The atmosphere was electric as our brilliant and creative audience focussed on the poses that the Snow Queen was delivering, the end result was some wonderful and artistic interpretations of the scene in front of us.

This evening we had two excellent volunteers from KRAN, more information on what they do can be found below.

Some of the audience left their brilliant drawings behind with us tonight and as promised these have been uploaded to our Facebook page so feel free to tag yourselves! You can also follow us on Instagram and use the hashtags #FLAC or #FolkestoneLivingAdventCalendar.

Big thank you to The Harbour Arm team for letting us use the Customs House this evening and a big thank you to The Secret Drawing Club for the magical performance this evening. Also to our volunteers, helpers and everyone who attended this evening!

Folkestone Harbour Arm
Folkestone Living Advent Calendar
The Secret Drawing Club

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