16 December 2019

Living Words were behind Steep Street’s door this evening with a wonderful and moving performance that used lots of different and unusual spaces. Despite the weather, Living Words soldiered on with their site-specific outdoor performance and we’re very grateful to them for doing so!

We began the evening by watching a film projected onto the buildings of The Old High Street, the film was of a gentleman called John who is suffering from the late stages of dementia. Living Words then had performers appearing from different windows of the Old High Street houses, we listened intently to their beautiful and touching words. Another of their performers sang a song for us and you could hear a pin drop on The Old High Street as we watched completely engaged and feeling very emotional.

The most touching part of this performance was being invited to add the name of a loved one to a big piece of paper set up on the Steep Street windows. The idea was to remember and give thought to friends, family and loved ones who may be suffering or have suffered with dementia.

Christmas is a wonderful and joyous time but it’s good and healthy to remember those of us who may have a difficult time during the festive season and to the best of our abilities keep our loved ones close to our hearts. Tonights’ performance was in no way sad or upsetting, but thoughtful and emotional as we watched the incredibly crafted performance happening all around us.

Our charity tonight was Living Words and you can find more about what they do and who they are below.

We would like to give thanks to Living Words this evening for all your hard work and a big thank you to Steep Street Coffee House for hosting us. We would also like to extend our thanks to the residents of The Old High Street who very kindly allowed our performers access to their homes which gave the event an extra special touch. Thank you as always to our volunteers and everybody who enabled this evening to happen, especially our wonderful audience who came out despite the rain! Thank you!

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