17 December 2019

Behind this evenings door we had the absolutely breath-taking Sacconi quartet! Well, Sacconi trio – their fourth member was unfortunately poorly but it didn’t seem to phase the trio who soldiered on!

As the hatch was raised the trio began to play their instruments and beautiful classical folk music filled our ears, coupled perfectly with the sounds of the sea. Their setting was cosy and so beautifully lit we almost forgot that they were in the Folkestone Trawlers hatch, it felt more like a warm living room on a wintery evening. They played a few different pieces of music including some folk pieces and a few more traditional numbers, Sacconi ended their performance by giving us a wonderful rendition of ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’. We were lucky enough to be given song sheets and the whole audience sung along to the joyful festive melodies.

It was another rainy advent door tonight but that didn’t seem to stop our wonderful audience arriving undeterred and staying for the whole of the event. We’re so grateful to you for coming out to see us every evening.

Tonight’s door we welcomed back volunteers from RSPCA Folkestone District Branch and more information on what they do can be found below.

Big thank you to Folkestone Trawlers LTD for hosting us this evening and a big thank you to the lovely Sacconi quartet. We’re so grateful to you for putting on a wonderful show this evening. Thanks to our brilliant audiences and our fab volunteers for making this evening a success.

Folkestone Trawlers LTD
RSPCA Folkestone District Branch
Folkestone Living Advent Calendar

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