19 December 2019

This evenings door was at KRAN and the Folkestone Youth Project in Bradstone Road. We were treated to a musical extravaganza by the amazing Randolph Matthews and the incredibly talented young people who visit KRAN and use their facilities. The young people had been engaging in workshops funded by JimJam Arts with Randolph for the last few weeks.

On arriving at the performance space, most notable was a huge hand-made boat, completely lit up with fairy lights. Estelle Rosenfeld had also been working with the young people here to encourage creativity and making skills, the boat was extraordinary and was symbolic of the heart of Folkestone, a fishing town but also symbolised something deeper, the notion of journeys.

Tonight was a brilliant example of how diverse Folkestone’s community is and how it’s always growing and changing.

This evening we were on television! ITV Meridian came down and reported live from 6:15pm, Sadie Hurley and Bridget Chapman spoke about KRAN and the Calendar and the importance of both in the community.

The night didn’t end there! We were invited inside to sample some amazing garlic soup and sweet rice pudding, both were wonderfully warming and ended the evening perfectly.

A huge thank you everybody at KRAN and the Folkestone Youth Project and all the participants in tonight’s performance, not just those who performed but all who helped, who came to workshops and who tried something new. Thank you as well to Randolph Matthews and Estelle Rosenfeld for all your hard work.

Thank you to our brilliant audience and the wonderful helpers to assisted in making tonight a resounding success!

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