20 December 2019

Tonights’ door was full of colour and movement. We gathered outside the Southcliff Hotel, a new door location for us this year. When the door finally opened we were led into the ballroom of the hotel where we got to watch the dancers of Dhakshina UK perform for us. It was incredible to see such talent at such young ages and wonderful to see a mixture of age groups dancing with each other. Dhakshina UK is founded by Chitra Lakshmi and we were lucky enough to have her with us this evening, show casing her wonderful choreography. Dhakshina is committed to teaching traditional Indian dance forms and imparting the Indian culture within the students living in the UK. Today Dhakshina has over 270 students learning various types of Indian classical dance forms!

Towards the end of the performance we were offered some amazing home-cooked food, this flew off the trays so quickly!

We were also offered a dance lesson! It was a magical sight to see the majority of our audience stay to learn some basic steps from Dhakshina UK. Everyone was learning together and it felt really special to be in presence of such a happy and open atmosphere.

We had some wonderful volunteers from Demelza Childrens Hospice collecting for their charity this evening, more information about what they do can be found below.

We’re very grateful to the Southcliff Hotel for hosting us this evening; big thanks also goes to Dhakshina UK who put on such an amazing show. Thank you also to our brilliant volunteers and helpers.

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