22 December 2019

Door 22 was located at the Bouverie Place shopping centre, though it began much earlier on this afternoon in the rehearsal space at The Glassworks in Mill Bay! A great group of local people signed up to a dance workshop for this evenings’ advent door, the workshop was facilitated by the brilliant Moving Memory Dance Company. The brilliant participants had an hour or so to learn a whole routine that would be performed the same evening and they did amazingly well!

When the door opened, we were greeted with some hugely festive and joyous costumes worn by members of the company who accompanied the other new participants. The music boomed from the speakers as the dancers flooded out of the Asda carpark door and into the plaza, excellently using every inch of space, dancing around the Christmas market huts and weaving their way through the audience. The group who joined us just a few hours before the performance, looked right at home as they completely embraced the dance, the company and the atmosphere.

Despite the performance ending we kept the music playing and the whole of the audience began to have a boogie with each other. It felt like the ultimate Christmas street party; full of colour, full of joy and full of festive cheer. This was an incredibly fun and exciting door that we hope you enjoyed as much as we did!

Our beautiful photos of every evening are taken by the hugely talented Jasmine Perry and you can find these on our Facebook page. Similarly you can find us on Instagram to keep up to date with any other events or performances that we may have coming up, we are @JimJamArts_ you can hashtag #FLAC or #FolkestoneLivingAdventCalendar to tag us in your pictures and posts!

Please don’t forget to take a minute or so to fill out our online survey this year! Feedback is absolutely vital for us to be able to keep returning every year so anything you can tell us is helpful! You can either take a feedback form from us at any of the doors, or you can find a link to the survey on our Facebook page.

A big thank you for this evening goes to Moving Memory Dance Company, not only for your unforgettable performance this evening but also to the work that went into this afternoons workshop. Thank you to our wonderful participants who picked up the dance so quickly and did so with such joy and fun! Thank you also to the staff of Bouverie Shopping Centre, you’ve been wonderful hosts and we’re really grateful to you for letting us use your space.

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Bouverie Place

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