23 December 2019

The penultimate door number 23! Tonight, we were hosted by the wonderful folk of the Silver Screen Cinema in Folkestone. How lucky we are to have such a great facility in our town!

As you might have guessed, this evening’s advent event was a very special film screening. Word on the Street, a local drama group run by Jim Jam Arts had created a wonderful and hilarious mockumentary about a retirement home for fairies set in Folkestone. We got to see some wonderful familiar faces including Tinkerbelle and The Fairy God Mother! The cinema was completely packed with audience this evening and it was wonderful to see everybody’s support and love for the performers.

Before the screening of the film we were treated to a showing of animations that were made especially for the advent calendar. As part of a series of workshops facilitated by Lydia Hibbert of The Young Animators Club, local people who were using the facilities at The Rainbow Centre were invited to learn some animation skills and techniques in order to create these wonderful short clips. These workshops were incredibly valuable to the community and we’re so grateful to Lydia and the Young Animators team for their brilliant work; more information about what they do can be found below.

After the screening, the whole fairy cast had gifts for the audience! The gift was a special fairy wish and was coupled with a special fairy present for the children.

We were lucky to welcome back volunteers from the Rainbow Centre this evening and more information on what they do can be found below.
We’d like to thank Word on the Street this evening for their brilliant commitment to their roles and their hilarious performances, we’d also like to give thanks to Age UK for allowing us their premises to film in! Huge congratulations to Jim Jam Arts as well who facilitated the making and creating of the film and to The Silver Screen Cinema for hosting Door number 23, we’re so grateful to you for letting us use your space this evening.

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