Door No.17

Mrs H and the Sing Along Band at Martello School

This evening we headed up to Martello School which is another brand new venue for us this year. It’s so fantastic to be able to head into all sorts of new venues and areas of town to be able to keep our calendar local for everyone.

As we were waiting outside the door we were greeted by some lovely Martello elves! Who were collecting donations to raise money for Martello playground supplies.

When the door opened, we were greeted by the festive sound of a trumpet and were ushered inside by none other than the famous Mrs H and the Sing Along Band!

170 of us headed into the bright school hall ready for a sing and a dance with the fabulous Mrs H.

The hall came alive with everyone tall and small joining in with the infectious dances, rhymes and songs, there was even a snow ball fight and a human train tunnel! We finished things off with a lively and immersive (of course) rendition of The 12 Days of Christmas, what a night!

Thanks so much everyone.